Date: SAT 25 November 2017 8:15pm – 11:30pm
Venue: Open Studio, 204 High Street, Northcote


AT OPEN STUDIO- A place to celebrate and party to live world music & dance!
Enjoy the full emergence of Spring, the blossoming of many flowers, trees & fruits. It’s a time to celebrate music of the heart as we open up into Summer soon and it’s glorious warmth. A folklorique gathering for those who like the rhythms of Balkan, Gypsy & Greek music and nature’s beats of fast growth as every plant is rapidly maturing this season. Babaganoush will capture the full essence of Spring in this gig with the energetic pulse of SPRING. They will bring you to your feet to dance the song of Spring….and breathe out it’s last breath before it disappears this year.
Playing at their favourite music venue in Melbourne, Babagnaoush will be excited to be gigging again at Open Studio, Melbourne’s best world music venue, filled with much warmth and vibrancy.
Make sure you arrive early as our last gig at Open Studio Sold out. $14 ENTRY at the door.

Babaganoush are an energetic exuberant, rapturous five piece band for indulging in ancient folklorique sounds with an edge of unequivocal conviction. They play the best mix of Gypsy Music, Balkan Beats & Greek Folk with an organic beauty that is rare and unforgettable! From the Spiegeltent to Europe’s liveliest bars, and Australia’s greatest music festivals Babaganoush have ventured the world music circuit in full swing.

Gypsy/Romani & Balkan music from Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Macedonia & Turkey

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