Malini Chidzey – Violin & Vocals

Malini is a violinist who plays with the soul of Eastern Europe. Her love for beautiful traditional and Gypsy music has led her to travel widely. Her inspiration for Eastern sounds has led her to travel through the Balkans (Transylvania, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia) in search of finding other musicians who have kept their traditions alive in their home countries. She has collaborated with many great musicians such as “Taraf de Haidouks” lead violinist Caliu, Alex Horvarth, village violinist from Transylvania and “Kolo” the National Folk Orchestra of Serbia. She has performed with well-known bands including Slivovitz Orchestra.



Byron Triandafyllidis – Darbuka, bouzouki & vocals

Byron Triandafyllidis is an Australian born of Greek descent Vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and lover of the arts and sciences. His main instruments are stringed such as guitar, bouzouki, violin and oud but also percussion such as the Darbuka. He has performed at numerous festivals and events around Australia and New Zealand as well as in Greece

Byron has opened for performers such as Greek singing legend George Dalaras, world music composer/multi-instrumentalist Omar Faruk Tekbilek, and as a percussionist for Greek pop star Michalis Hatzigiannis. Also, as a session musician, he has played on various labels and movies. Some of his vocals/playing can be heard on the Buddha Bar label and the movie Death Defying Acts, starring actors Catherine Zeta Jones and Guy Pearce.

Stephen Stanisic – Piano Accordion & Guitar 

Stephen Edward Stanisic is a musician, composer and teacher from Melbourne. A multi-instrumentalist, he has played guitar, banjo and accordion in bands as diverse as the short-lived psychedelic surf group Havala, alien neo-folklorists Baba Yaga Orkestar, and the beloved celtic and western outfit Green’s Dairy Angel Ensemble. His compositions have been performed by Darebin world-music collective Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde, and he was a finalist in their annual composition competition in 2014.

Andre originally hails from the

Andre Vikas – Clarinet

Hunter Valley wine region in NSW. He showed a keen interest in clarinet from a young age, and listened to a wide variety of music. He studied at the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music, where he enjoyed playing in Orchestras, Big Bands, Jazz combos and chamber ensembles. He followed the path trodden by many musicians, and moved to Melbourne in 2010. Since then he has played in Gypsy/ Balkan band Baba-Yaga Orkestar, before finding his home with Babaganoush. Andre currently works as Head of Woodwind at Westbourne Grammar School.

Frances has been performing and composing on Australian soil since graduating from Melbourne University (Bachelor of Education, Music), where she majored in double bass, Jazz piano, improvisation, and recording studio techniques. Completing Advanced Double Bass study with Francois Rabbath in 2004 in France with an Australia Council Professional Development Grant, she also collaborated in the International Strings Symphony, Biarritz that year.

In 2004 she was awarded the Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship from the Australian Antarctic Division (Department of Environment and Heritage) for roundtrip through to do Filming, recording and Composition Antarctica. She devised a multi-media work `Subsonic’ which was a sonic collaboration inspired by an Antarctic journey through ice, blizzards, polar winds and storms, and voyaged twice to Antarctica in 2005 and 2006, firstly with the AAD & then Theme Expeditions as Artist/Musician in Residence.

2013 collaborations in 2013 included touring with Filastine and Mc Nova across Java on their Loot Tour. Whilst finishing the Masters in International Community Development with Victoria University on placement in East Timor, she recorded and wrote string music for “A Guerra da Beatriz” (Beatriz’s War), East Timor’s first feature film released by Dili Filmworks in Australia in 2014.

Acts she worked with were Litany (formerly Hecate), The Oculus Trio, Madam Zuzu and her Dumplings, Dilapidated Diva, The Vardos Trio, Scouthall Yetnikov, Sista She, Silent Box Ensemble, The Shoephone Trio, The Stiletto Sisters, Yana Alana and Tha Paranas, and Slivovitz Orchestra Orchestra on double bass. More recent collaborations are The Devil Goat Family String Band,  The Glitter Rats,  Rotary Hoes, Luke Byrnes and the Big Scrub Revival, Babaganoush and as a multi-instrumentalist for the `Change’ radical theatre (with the United Struggle Project.) See link Stream Frances Evans music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud

Babaganoush’s Guest Artist
Volga Tunca percussion (darbuka),
Stefan Noceveski trumpet.