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Babaganoush: Lyubov

A mix of Gypsy/Romani, Balkan music and originals with a Eastern European flavour "Lyubov" is about love, tradition and breaking tradition. With special guests: Nena Simic singing a hauntingly beautiful track from Tony Gatliff's film Gadjo Dilo called Nora Luca, brass players Madeleine and David Hoxley bringing blaring Balkan brass to Malini Chidzey's original "Moving House" and fingers of fury master darbuka percussionist Matt Stonehouse adding his Eastern beats to many tracks on the disc. A journey of unpredictability!

To buy a CD please contact Malini Chidzey: or 0419933195

Posthumous CD

BabaGanoush: Posthumous

Intoxicated with passion, romance and tragedy, Babaganoush
cross many borders to tell their tales of love and heartbreak. Seamlessly they mix East and West, covering many European traditions with their own worldly touch. Gypsy classics are
magically fused with Klezmer, French café music, Balkan
dances and originals. Inspired soloing is framed by tight
ensemble playing to create a unique and sensuous brew.

Recorded: December 2004 - June 2005
Released: October 2005
Catalogue no: Telluric Music Australia CD8
Total playing time: 57:38
RRP: AUD $24.95

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