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BabaGanoush was founded in 2003 by Malini Chidzey, the band's
charismatic leader and virtuoso violinist. She invited singer and
accordionist Mark Planigale to join the group, and from their first
moment of playing together, the magic of their combined talents was obvious. Malini and Mark began performing as a duo in early 2004.

In 2004-5 the pair were joined by Colette Mortreux (clarinet) and
Andre Lobanov (bass) to complete the band's outstanding lineup.
The first gig with this full lineup was in March 2005. Between June
2005 and April 2006, Colette travelled overseas and was replaced
by clarinetist Aviva Endean.

BabaGanoush's profile has steadily grown with performances at
local and national festivals as well as a European tour in 2007 that
took the band to Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and Switzer-
land. BabaGanoush has a history of interesting collaborations with
other groups including involvement in the Vjerba Dance Theatre
production 'Svetlana's Lullaby' in 2006.

Important dates...

Jan 2004: First gig
Nov 2004: Clarinet added to lineup
Mar 2005: Bass added to lineup
May 2005: First radio live-to-air performance (3MBS)
Aug 2005: First festival performance (Darebin Music Feast)
Dec 2005: Launch of debut CD 'Posthumous'
Oct 2006: First performance with dancer Sarah Turner (Spiegeltent)
Apr 2007: First interstate performance (National Folk Festival)
Jun 2007: First international tour (Western Europe)
Feb 2008: Percussion and guitar added to line up